It's What We Do... Fire Safety Certification



The testing, maintenance and certification of fire safety equipment is now a critical part of any building management obligation and must be undertaken by compliant fire service providers.


Firechex is a long established, professional, and compliant fire service company.


Fire testing in NSW now needs to be carried out by a Competent Fire Safety  Practitioners. All Firechex staff who attend to inspections are registered as part of the FPAS scheme undertaken by the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPA) or hold a relevant trade license.

Firechex is licensed in NSW as electricians, plumbers (fire services) and carpenters and is FPAS compliant. This enables us to attend to all fire testing and related repairs. 

Certification of fire systems in NSW is mandatory and must usually comply within strict time deadlines and format. Firechex offers this service to clients as Competent Fire Safety Practitioners and registered assessors with the FPA. 

Firechex is a member of the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA), which requires a commitment to compliance with the Industry Code of Practice.