It's What We Do... Fire Safety Maintenance 


FIRECHEX specialises in the servicing of fire safety equipment, issuing annual certification and managing the compliance of all fire safety obligations.


Our service is personal, whilst our depth of expertise enable us to handle every fire safety issue from general inspections, defects and non-compliance as a result of council requirements.


Fire Safety Equipment Servicing includes:

  • Exit & Emergency Lights

  • Fire Indicator Panels (FIP)

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Hose Reels

  • Fire Pumpsets

  • Fire Hydrant Systems

  • Fire Doors & Frames

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Smoke & Heat Alarms

  • Emergency Warning Intercommunication System (EWIS)

  • Building Occupant Warning System (BOWS)

  • Passive Fire and Smoke Containment Systems

  • Fire Blankets


We pride ourselves on making the annual service and certification as simple as possible for you.  We monitor when the inspection and certification are due, arrange for a convenient time and issue the notices to all residences. This is then followed through to provide a full report & the issuing of the Annual Fire Safety Statement.


FIRECHEX has an experienced senior trainer available to assist buildings to ensure that their occupants, staff and maintenance contractors are trained in evacuation procedures. use of fire safety equipment and are familiar with their obligations in maintaining the safety of a building.


  • Evacuation Training

  • Fire Equipment Training

Download Our Fire Services Brochure 

Firechex is a member of the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA), which requires a commitment to compliance with the Industry Code of Practice.