It's What We Do... Mechanical Ventilation


Mechanical ventilation services often form part of a buildings fire safety system, or perform an important function in maintaining air quality to areas such as carparks, laundries, toilets etc. FIRECHEX services a range of mechanical ventilation systems, electric motors, fire dampers stairway pressurisation and related equipment.


FIRECHEX can certify mechanical ventilation where it forms part of the fire system, inspect or replace dampers and service electric motors as part of a regular fire service.


Mechanical ventilation systems need to comply with Australian Standard (AS) 1668.2-2012 -  The use of ventilation and airconditioning in buildings.



Our licenced electricians specialise in servicing all types of electric motors, and have extensive experience with a large range of motors and systems.​


The inspection and maintenance of fire dampers is a mandatory requirement as part of the annual fire safety maintenance and certification schedule. The maintenance of fire and smoke dampers is documented in AS1851, Section. 18.



The Building Code of Australia in Part E2 Smoke Hazard Management in clause E2 requires a stairwell pressurisation system to ensure the occupants of a building in a fire emergency have sufficient time to evacuate the building before the stairwell becomes untenable. A stairwell pressurisation system must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 1668.1:1998 and maintained as part of the annual fire maintenance and certification schedule in accordance  with AS 1851-2005. ​



The correct operation of the car park exhaust systems is not only an important safety feature, but also needs to operate correctly in conjunction with the fire safety system.

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Firechex is a member of the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA), which requires a commitment to compliance with the Industry Code of Practice.