Block and Evacuation Plans



FIRECHEX specialises in the drafting, printing and installation of FIP Block Plans, Hydrant Block Plans, Sprinkler Block Plans and Evacuation Plans.

FIP Block Plans are required as part of an automatic smoke detection system in accordance with current Australian standards (AS 1670.1). They readily identify the zones, the building perspective and key information to be read in conjunction with any fault or alarm shown on the FIP.

Hydrant Block Plans are required by Australian Standards and assist the Fire Brigade to quickly determine the location of various hydrants, hose reels and any relevant valves. 

Evacuation Plans are covered under AS 3745. This Standard requires any entity that conducts a business to ensure that an Emergency Plan is prepared for the workplace. It must also cater to workers or clients engaging with that business who might be visiting the building.

Recent legislative changes have seen greater scrutiny in the adherence to these Standards, particularly with regards to the installation and accuracy of fire plans. As increasing demands are placed upon CFSPs to sign off on buildings as part of the annual certification process we continually try to improve the fire systems in buildings and upgrade signage to comply with the relevant Australian Standards.